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Keeping your System in Optimal Performance using Performance Testing and Proper System Monitoring

As the number of software systems rises, it is critical to check their performances consistently. Performance testing is a technical process that needs to be done within specific guidelines but yields excellent results through best practices. The practice gives developers the area of focus when diagnosing a software performance issue.

Software monitoring solutions like Apica Systems use different tools to conduct various software testing. The first tests are usually based on determining the system’s readiness before carrying out detailed functional tests. Then, the non-functional testing is followed by, among others, the following screening:

  • Load testing: This testing establishes the working condition of a system depending on its response to a particular workload input
  • Stress testing: A system is subjected to abnormal working conditions and its ability to sustain those stresses determines the workload of the system
  • Volume testing: The system is fed with large amounts of data with the aim of its efficiency in handling significant data volumes
  • Scalability testing: Here, the system is tested if it can perform efficiently when data is increased
  • Endurance testing: This testing is vital in the evaluation of the software’s leaks such as memory leak. In other words, it tests if the software can endure a specified period with a certain level of workload
  • Spike testing: The workload is raised exponentially (spiked) to establish if the system can yield unexpected results within the shortest time possible

Once these performance tests are done, developers can establish various faults in the system. These include bottleneck issues, poor scalability, configuration errors, or insufficient resources for the hardware. These behaviors affect the CPU performance, the operating system, and the device memory leakages.

To effectively perform the above tests, it is advisable to employ some best testing practices. The procedure of monitoring systems performance starts with the identification of the correct testing environment. Establish the necessary tools required for the testing task. Also, begin the process as early possible to provide proper time framework for the operation.

After identifying the scope of testing, determine the metrics of the performance. Focus on areas such as performance time and quantity of workload. Then, you can design a proper test based on these factors. But don’t lose details of the tools for the testing, configure them with the system to create a suitable environment for system testing.

Implementation of the plan is next. Besides implementing the design, you have to record different data results and analyze them. It is critical to perform the test again using similar procedure and parameter, before carrying out the same analysis but with varying parameters. You can then prepare and share the test report. During the test, keep an eye on each of the following parameters: average response and wait time, loading time, the lowest and highest response time, the percentage error rate, system memory throughout the test, and the workload per second.

In conclusion, always remember to kick the testing process as early as possible. Besides, it is necessary to perform multiple tests using the same parameters and different parameters. Finally, the test parameters should reflect the actual users.

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Why Outsourced Accounting Services Will Benefit Your Restaurant

Simplifying and standardizing accounting and finance processes is vital for every organization. Whether you decide to outsource or do your accounting in-house, it is essential that your restaurant gets easy to manage processes that will guarantee more profit.

In fact, when you outsource your books of accounts, it will be possible for you to hold the financial process to the same standards as the sales team. The truth is that when you outsource you significantly reduce your expenses and concentrate more on increasing your sales and better customer service. Below are some of the benefits that you get when you outsource accounts for your restaurant:

1. Business plan 

One of the main reasons to outsource for your restaurant is to have a robust business plan. To have a working plan that is easy to understand you have to get a professional accountant, who will provide you with guidance on the accounting process. An experienced accountant will prepare a proper business plan using the best methods and structures.

There are different projections that you need to set up a restaurant that is profitable, on top of the list is quality, and up to date accounting services, that will help your business operate on the solid ground.

2. Spur Growth of the restaurant

It is common knowledge that time is money. You should not drench your workers with financial formalities. There are many quarterly, weekly, and day-to-day reports that supervisors have to prepare and present to the owner. When your employees concentrate too much on finances, it takes off time that they would otherwise use to satisfy customers. Outsourcing restaurant accounting services will give your employees more time to improve customer support, give attention to strategy, and with time boost profits.

3. Better control

There is a notion that outsourcing leads to lack of control, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, by outsourcing, you get more responsibility and control over your business. An outsourcing company will use high-quality practices and procedures that are recognized and tested.

Also, having an outsourcing company will act as a third party. Being independent, they will be able to provide separation of responsibilities, checks, and balances, and manage all your finances without any hidden interest.

4. Reduced costs

In-house accounting is more expensive. Why would you spend a lot of time to establish it whereas you can get the services from an experienced company? Most of these companies can offer a wide array of services without charging you much money. The account outsourcing companies will help your restaurant generate marginal gains over a short period. Thus, this will reduce costs.

5. Strategy making

You get better strategy by outsourcing the accounting services. Whether it is about other business aspects or the business plan, once you outsource you get the opportunity to explore other opportunities that will help grow your business.

Outsourcing accounting solutions will bring more opportunities to your restaurant and help you and your employees focus on other aspects of the business. An experienced accountant will bring solutions that will get the burden of finance and accounting off your shoulders.

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The Best Way to Protect Your Staff

According to SHRM, about over 80 percent of all active shooter occurrences happen to be in the workplace. In the year of 2000-2013, there were over 160 active shooter occurrences that happened in the workplace in the United States. These aggressive individuals arrived at these workplaces what’s a goal to either hurt or kill someone. Over the year, there has been many people who have lost their lives to aggression and violence in the workplace. Many people do not feel safe in the workplace anymore. With the rising increase in violence and active shooters, there has been a demand for an increase in security measures in the workplace. Many employees have been severely traumatized from these past incidents that has happened. You can never feel safe in the workplace when you know that your workplace can be the next target. It is very important for workplaces to incorporate a security system that alerts them of incidences instantly to their phones.

According to CNBC, the number of workplace shooting have been increasing, from 2015-2016 the number of shootings jumped from 83 to 394 total. There were also about 79 percent of those workplace shootings to end up in homicides. An active shooter is when a person is coming to the workplace with the intention to kill people in a designated area. These types of situations can quickly evolve and turn into something you never thought could happen. It is critical that staff are aware of these incidences and occurrences on campus so that they can be able to better prepare themselves for what’s to happen. There are many people who utilize their mobile phones for doing almost everything in life. Your mobile phone is one of your most important property you can never have. It is important for workplaces to incorporate a system to where they can notify their staff of an emergency instantly to their phones.

Emergency situations can happen anytime and anywhere. You never know what to expect when you arrive in the workplace. You could be working on a project, thinking about what you are going to have for lunch, then suddenly an emergency occurs. The best way and the only way to protect yourself is that you are notified in advance of what is happening. If an active shooter were to arrive on campus, the best way to get through this is if you received a message to your phone. You can be anywhere on campus, so it is critical that you are reached instantly wherever you are. Being notified ahead of time of an emergency can definitely end up saving many lives. There is software that are now able to perform these capabilities. Singlewire Software has given more people in the workplace the chance to survive an emergency.

Overall, if you worry about your life every time you step into the workplace, then you need to think about incorporating a better security system. Notifications of emergencies is one of the best ways to prevent many from being harmed. In addition, advance notifications may be the only way to save your life and the lives of many around you.

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How Technology has Transformed Events Management

Advancements in technology are taking the 21st century by storm. We can now communicate with friends and family thousands of miles away through social media platforms in real time. The events management industry has also not been left behind. Such companies have launched their event website to advertise their services and get clients online. In this article, we are going to discuss how technology has transformed the events management industry.

Tickets are sold online

In events entertainment, tickets are what guarantees the reveler entrance to a particular gig. In the past, tickets were bought either at malls or even at the gate. With the innovation of technology, online tickets are now available. CEO of Kyazoonga, a global online ticketing agency, said that ticketing is about establishing a higher point. It is to be done by everyone at any time. Neetu Bhatia continued and said mobile ticketing enables vendors to do a lot more. Customers now access and manage the ticketing back-end in a more straightforward way than the old ways of cutting tickets. Mobile use in events has increasingly become important, as many are engaging in the mobile apps at a go. Usage of mobile was recorded at a 94% in one event. Therefore, promoters and planners should collaborate with the mobile service provider on giving them the wholesome mobile experience.

Cost reduction

Enterprise Event Marketing conducted a study concerning the use of event technology. Results came out, as there was a 20% increase in attendance while a decrease in the expenditure by 30%. Such studies have proved that the use of event technology like drones and the like, has been essential in managing events. However, a reason why most event managers do not prosper is that they fear to take huge expenditures. It is a very competitive industry such companies appear to be struggling or instead they might close down. Bhatia continues and adds they use predictive analysis to enable and drive buying decisions and algorithms. They help in seat-experience with real-time notifications to motivate future purchases. Past strategies like trying to cut low on costs with the aim of making a higher profit are passed by time. Nowadays event management is all about getting the best offer at the best deal possible regardless of the cost.

Drones and Robots 

Nowadays drone technology has been integrated into almost every sector. In events management, it is used to deliver products or even survey a particular events ground. Aerial photography and video are essential in the events industry. Drones capture those snapshots that are taken at the climax of the event. The cameras in the drone are of high quality same as the pictures that are produced. Robots, on the other hand, can be used to provide services around the event. Services like bartenders, personal assistants, booth assistants, and security personnel are some of the things a robot can handle.

Live Streaming

Reaching a higher audience is vital in the event managing franchise. Live streaming is the best way to reach a wider audience within a short time. Streaming platforms like Facebook Live allow users to comment and share feelings. YouTube is another platform that began as a live streaming platform. The platform ensures videos are shared all across the globe, event managers have found YouTube useful in their daily endeavors. Social media is another pool for acquiring large audiences. Investors and stakeholders will advertise the events, and the attendees will share the content with the rest of the fans.

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Understanding Lead Generation and Its Benefits

What Is Lead Generation? Lead Generation is a process that encompasses stimulating and capturing the interest of potential customers or clients in a product or service. It is a marketing gimmick aimed at developing sales.

With evolving times, the buying process has seen a natural progression to greater and more effective ways of reaching buyers. lead generation allows for companies and sellers to be less intrusive through unsolicited phone calls or blasting customers with mails by adopting more practical and consumer friendly ways. Lead generation is used to naturally attract and convert strangers and prospects into customers or clients by providing them with relevant goodies so that they take interest in the company and secure their needs through it.

As opposed to representing the company and finding customers, marketers represent the customers. They target them based on behavioral criteria, instead of using massive general advertising towards demographics. The marketing technique uses specifics rather than general content to approach customers, who’ve expressed interest in one shape or form. This transformation has come about with the growth of the internet and has rendered everyone with abundant opportunities. There’s no longer a scarcity of information but rather data exists in abundance now. This can be corroborated by the stark difference in the amount of data collected in 2003 (as reported by Google Eric Schmidt) and the amount of data that is collected in this day and age. Between the dawn of civilization and up to 2003 only 5 Exabytes of data was generated. At present, such amount of data is generated in only two days and yet continues to increase at a rapid pace.

Marketers are now focused on building relationships with customers that have shown interest in their products or services based on the data generated. The marketing strategies based on lead generation differ between companies. Marketers employ these strategies in ways which best help them determine how to qualify customers as leads.

Essentially, data is used to seal a deal. The information collected comes as a result of various customer activities, for example, when a job seeker completes an application, a shopper subscribing to a company in exchange for a coupon, or a person fills out college or university applications.

Marketers no longer hunt down customers and pass them on to sales. In fact, now buyers can do their own research online and find a variety of options suited to their needs. Search engines for educational resources, jobs, shopping, legal services and much more all serve as channels to facilitate customers. These content resources enable buyers to learn a great deal about products/services without having to speak to a sales person. This is why a business’s digital presence has become ever so necessary. Customers find you instead of you finding them.

Lead generation increases the conversion of lead rate, it drives more revenue and shortens and simplifies the sales processes. Getting leads ensure the companies get the right buyers at the right time. According to MarketingSherpa’s Lead Generation benchmark report, companies who have adopted lead generation tend to see a 45% rise compared to the companies that do not use this process.

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Most Common Advantages of Using A Point of Sale System

As a business owner, anything that will increase your bottom line will be of interest to you. Point of sale systems have been around for quite a while, however, they’re becoming more widely used as their ease of use for business owners is impeccable. Let’s take a look at the advantages that you can gain from implementing one of these systems at your business.

The main concept of point of sale systems is to increase accuracy by decreasing the amount of human contact required for business transactions. It’s not uncommon for employees to mistype a barcode number or key in the wrong price for an item. Traditional cash registers are meant to help collect money, complete transactions, and let you know where you stand financially at the end of the day. Point of sale systems can do these tasks in real time and so much more. You’ll find out that they will save you money in the long run due to their increased accuracy.

The next advantage of these point of sale systems is their individual order management systems. Integrated into many POS devices, these systems allow it to become simple to keep your inventory up-to-date. You can set benchmarks for when your system will automatically order new products to replenish your stock. This can help to keep you from purchasing too much stock or from running out of stock when you need it most. By taking a look at your sales trends, you can easily set an inventory mark where the system will automatically reorder more product, so you never run out.

As with any sort of business, you need to know what products sell the best. By revealing this information, you can better pick where your money will be spent on marketing and other efforts. This will also allow you to cut off products that simply don’t make your company any money. With a point of sale system, you can run reports to see how your sales in all areas are working. This will give you the data you need to make informed decisions about the future of specific products at your business.

In order to receive money from your customers, many times you will need to invoice them. With a quality point of sale system, you can get automatically generated invoices prepared for your customers. In most systems, you can easily send out a bill right when you process their order. This allows for your customers to receive your bill in a timely fashion, which can lead to quicker payments for you. Most businesses lack available capital due to a stagger in their billing process. With a good point of sale system, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your customers are receiving their bills and if you’re going to get paid. It’s all done seamlessly for you.

There are many common advantages that business owners can gain from using point of sales systems. If you haven’t already installed one at your business, we highly recommend that you do so. Not only will you be able to get a better overall picture of how your business is doing financially, you will be able to free up your own time by having task automated for you.

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All you need to know about a Digital Workplace

All you need to know about a Digital Workplace

Businesses that embrace dynamism have a higher chance of succeeding. It is even more advantageous when these businesses employ digital technologies at their workplace. And in this context, I would like to talk about a digital workplace in which most companies are striving to adopt due to its various convenience. I would like to show you some of the features, advantages, and factors associated with a digital workplace to help you understand it better.

Features of a Digital Workplace

One of the features of a digital work collaboration is its mobility. Employees of the same organization can efficiently and effectively work in different locations, and this is also one of its advantages as it breaks down the traditional form of workplaces where people sit in their offices behind a desk. The use of social applications in a company enables the employees to connect and communicate with each other, and through this, they can share their ideas more freely without following a hierarchical order. A digital workplace empowers the employees in such a way that enables them to become more productive. This is achieved through transparency as information and ideas are exchanged without any limits.

Advantages of a Digital Workplace

A digital workplace provides better services primarily through the use of special techniques such as analytics, collaboration, and mobile apps. All these allow the customer to have the best service possible. Another advantage is that a digital workforce will enable employees to interact with each other and this is beneficial since it motivates the employees to be more focused towards attaining a specific objective. Thirdly, businesses become more efficient in its operations as the barriers limiting operations are removed are more streamlined.

Factors to consider when adopting a Digital Workplace

The security of your digital data is critical as sensitive information can end up getting in the wrong hands or a competitor. To avoid this, adopt strict security measures or instead collaborate with a digital security company so that you may find ease knowing that your data is secure from breach and manipulation. Although most digital workplace today are stored on cloud, I would recommend that option as the best.

Identify the reasons why you need to adopt a digital workplace in your organization and the calculate all the costs. This is important since the idea for a digital workplace is to save costs and increase productivity in your organization. Then, you should inspect the tool or the application you intend to adopt the identity how best these applications best suit your digital workplace.

Lastly, conduct thorough research of the vendor before purchasing a digital workplace I would even recommend you different research vendors before coming to an absolute conclusion. While doing this, take note of the pricing options, the transparency of the vendor and even the security measures the company uses. Some vendors set up a price but when you go to buy you find that there are other hidden costs. I would recommend you find a company that has built a reputation for more than ten years.


A digital workplace offers you a higher advantage over your competitors. It allows flexibility and increases productivity as employees can easily focus on achieving the set goals. I highly recommend you adopt a digital workplace and exploit the unlimited opportunities in the digital world.