Benefits of Digital Portfolios for Elementary Students

There are many benefits to using digital portfolios and using them with elementary students is no different. While there are quite a few different benefits to this, we’re going to narrow it down and just look at a few!

No More Lost Work

The first benefit of using digital portfolios for elementary students is that there won’t be any more lost assignments. Elementary students sometimes lose papers and some things don’t even make it home. Having a digital portfolio for each student means that the teacher can just upload the student’s project to it and they won’t have to worry about the actual physical copy being lost or misplaced. This can also make parents happier because they won’t miss out on seeing their child’s awesome work.

Better Feedback

Another awesome benefit of digital portfolios is that the kids can get better feedback. A lot of digital portfolios have the option to add in comments, so the parents will be able to give the teachers better feedback. This can also let them ask any questions about the project and be able to write the teachers little notes. These notes won’t be lost because they aren’t a physical copy and they’re all saved right in the portfolio.

Save Everything

Elementary students do a lot of projects and work. This can sometimes be way to much to save. The good thing about digital portfolios is that you can add as many projects as you want, and everything will be organized. Another awesome thing about that is that parents won’t have to free up a bunch of space for folders full of projects because they’ll all be saved digitally in the same place!

Track Progress

Digital portfolios also let students track progress over time. A lot of these portfolios will let you compare multiple projects at once. This is great for those students that do a project at the beginning of the year, then do the same one at the end of the year. They’ll be able to see exactly where they have improved and what new methods they’ve learned. They’ll also be able to show others their improvements and, even though they’re still in elementary, it can open up many doors.

Show Off All Students

The final reason why digital portfolios are such a great idea with elementary students is because it lets teachers show off every student. This is especially true for those teachers that have huge classes. These classes can be hard because, sometimes, there just isn’t enough room to show off everyone. By using an online portfolio, though, they’ll be able to upload projects to the class album and other students and teachers will be able to see every student’s work. This can bring a great sense of pride to the child as well.

These can really give elementary students a sense of pride and they can help them keep everything organized. They’ll also be able to access the finished project that they want, when they want!