How Technology has Transformed Events Management

Advancements in technology are taking the 21st century by storm. We can now communicate with friends and family thousands of miles away through social media platforms in real time. The events management industry has also not been left behind. Such companies have launched their event website to advertise their services and get clients online. In this article, we are going to discuss how technology has transformed the events management industry.

Tickets are sold online

In events entertainment, tickets are what guarantees the reveler entrance to a particular gig. In the past, tickets were bought either at malls or even at the gate. With the innovation of technology, online tickets are now available. CEO of Kyazoonga, a global online ticketing agency, said that ticketing is about establishing a higher point. It is to be done by everyone at any time. Neetu Bhatia continued and said mobile ticketing enables vendors to do a lot more. Customers now access and manage the ticketing back-end in a more straightforward way than the old ways of cutting tickets. Mobile use in events has increasingly become important, as many are engaging in the mobile apps at a go. Usage of mobile was recorded at a 94% in one event. Therefore, promoters and planners should collaborate with the mobile service provider on giving them the wholesome mobile experience.

Cost reduction

Enterprise Event Marketing conducted a study concerning the use of event technology. Results came out, as there was a 20% increase in attendance while a decrease in the expenditure by 30%. Such studies have proved that the use of event technology like drones and the like, has been essential in managing events. However, a reason why most event managers do not prosper is that they fear to take huge expenditures. It is a very competitive industry such companies appear to be struggling or instead they might close down. Bhatia continues and adds they use predictive analysis to enable and drive buying decisions and algorithms. They help in seat-experience with real-time notifications to motivate future purchases. Past strategies like trying to cut low on costs with the aim of making a higher profit are passed by time. Nowadays event management is all about getting the best offer at the best deal possible regardless of the cost.

Drones and Robots 

Nowadays drone technology has been integrated into almost every sector. In events management, it is used to deliver products or even survey a particular events ground. Aerial photography and video are essential in the events industry. Drones capture those snapshots that are taken at the climax of the event. The cameras in the drone are of high quality same as the pictures that are produced. Robots, on the other hand, can be used to provide services around the event. Services like bartenders, personal assistants, booth assistants, and security personnel are some of the things a robot can handle.

Live Streaming

Reaching a higher audience is vital in the event managing franchise. Live streaming is the best way to reach a wider audience within a short time. Streaming platforms like Facebook Live allow users to comment and share feelings. YouTube is another platform that began as a live streaming platform. The platform ensures videos are shared all across the globe, event managers have found YouTube useful in their daily endeavors. Social media is another pool for acquiring large audiences. Investors and stakeholders will advertise the events, and the attendees will share the content with the rest of the fans.