The Best Way to Protect Your Staff

According to SHRM, about over 80 percent of all active shooter occurrences happen to be in the workplace. In the year of 2000-2013, there were over 160 active shooter occurrences that happened in the workplace in the United States. These aggressive individuals arrived at these workplaces what’s a goal to either hurt or kill someone. Over the year, there has been many people who have lost their lives to aggression and violence in the workplace. Many people do not feel safe in the workplace anymore. With the rising increase in violence and active shooters, there has been a demand for an increase in security measures in the workplace. Many employees have been severely traumatized from these past incidents that has happened. You can never feel safe in the workplace when you know that your workplace can be the next target. It is very important for workplaces to incorporate a security system that alerts them of incidences instantly to their phones.

According to CNBC, the number of workplace shooting have been increasing, from 2015-2016 the number of shootings jumped from 83 to 394 total. There were also about 79 percent of those workplace shootings to end up in homicides. An active shooter is when a person is coming to the workplace with the intention to kill people in a designated area. These types of situations can quickly evolve and turn into something you never thought could happen. It is critical that staff are aware of these incidences and occurrences on campus so that they can be able to better prepare themselves for what’s to happen. There are many people who utilize their mobile phones for doing almost everything in life. Your mobile phone is one of your most important property you can never have. It is important for workplaces to incorporate a system to where they can notify their staff of an emergency instantly to their phones.

Emergency situations can happen anytime and anywhere. You never know what to expect when you arrive in the workplace. You could be working on a project, thinking about what you are going to have for lunch, then suddenly an emergency occurs. The best way and the only way to protect yourself is that you are notified in advance of what is happening. If an active shooter were to arrive on campus, the best way to get through this is if you received a message to your phone. You can be anywhere on campus, so it is critical that you are reached instantly wherever you are. Being notified ahead of time of an emergency can definitely end up saving many lives. There is software that are now able to perform these capabilities. Singlewire Software has given more people in the workplace the chance to survive an emergency.

Overall, if you worry about your life every time you step into the workplace, then you need to think about incorporating a better security system. Notifications of emergencies is one of the best ways to prevent many from being harmed. In addition, advance notifications may be the only way to save your life and the lives of many around you.